Emergency Preparedness

  • The Vashon Island School District works in partnership with local law enforcement, public safety and county emergency management to prepare for emergency conditions in our schools. Each school has developed and implemented a comprehensive plan for responding to a variety of natural disasters and hazardous situations including earthquake, fire, bomb threat, human trespass, and hazardous materials incidents. Each month, staff and students practice appropriate responses including evacuation and shelter-in-place.
    Our system for managing school emergency situations provides students, staff and parents with a plan and a sense of security. Student safety is our focus and guides our decisions. Staff members have been assigned specific tasks they are responsible for during an emergency situation. Our facilities are equipped with emergency supplies, radios and equipment that may be necessary to shelter students for at least 24 hours.

    Communications Tips in an Emergency

    • Be patient: we will communicate with you as quickly as possible
    • Check the website, email and text alerts for updates.  Find out how to sign-up
    • Please do not call the school; it jams the phone lines
    • Please do not come to the school; it impedes first responders access to the emergency
    • Be patient: your child’s safety is our first priority

    How Families Can Help during an Emergency

    If an emergency occurs during school hours please do not come to the school in order to enable first responders have free and clear access to the campus. In rushing to the school, you may put yourself in danger and become a part of the problem. Instead, we ask you to be patient and follow updates that will be posted on the district website, emailed to our contact list and through text alerts.

    Emergency Operations Center

    In the event of a school emergency, first responders will designate an Emergency Operations Center to provide support for students and staff at each school. Local law enforcement and emergency management officials will communicate directly with the district to coordinate response plans and maximize resources, ensuring that assistance is available where it is most needed. District communications and release of information to the media will also be directed from the Operations Center.

    Emergency Messages

    Emergency messages will be posted on the district website, sent out via email and sent as text alerts.

    Inclement Weather Procedures

    Voice of Vashon and local radio and Television stations will have updated information. If information regarding VISD schools is not mentioned, school will be held as usual and transportation will not be changed.

    Keep School Safe

    Anonymous Alert is our district's tip reporting service. If you have information about a threat to our safety, do your part and report it! And remember, you can remain anonymous. There is a link to the Anonymous Alert page on the home page of the district website.

    School Closures

    Unscheduled school closures due to inclement weather, natural disaster, or school emergencies may occasionally occur. Updated information regarding school status, student evacuation and parent pickup points will be posted on the district website, sent out in emails and sent as text messages. Read the FAQ about Emergency Preparedness