• Welcome to my course website! Please use the links for find up-to-date information. All daily classroom information, including homework, can be found under the class names on the left.


    Helpful things to know:

    Course Syllabus, Policies, and Expectations: Can be found by clicking on the course name at hte left of this page. 

    Grades: Grades are updated at least once a week, or as work is turned in. 
    Website Updates: Daily
    Other places to find class info: All materials handed out in class can be found in the "Extra Health Handouts" in the classroom. You can also access resources from the course tab at the left. 
    Best way for students to contact me: Email or after class

    Best way for parents to contact me: Email
    I am available to work with students: Smart period and after school by appointment (I coach during the fall season, and have practice after school)

    I check email: At least once a day during my prep period (2nd period), and often once again later in the day.
    I check phone messages: 1x/day