• The main office phone number is (206) 463-2882. When sending emails regarding Attendance, use the email listed below that is designated specifically for Absence Notifications.  Be sure to look for a response from the office staff - if you do not receive a response, please call the office as your email may not have been received.

    CES Main Office Staff 
    Caleb Johns, School Secretary/Registrar
    Attendance/Pre-Arranged Absences
    Non-Resident Applications
    Gillian Callison, Office Manager
    Building & Staff Support
    Attendance Notifications
    Or call 206-463-2882 press 1 and leave a message including student full name, date of absence and reason for absence
    After School Plans
    Enter changes in School Dismissal Manager to download and use the app (Apple, Android or Web/Desktop)
    **Important note:  After school plans will HAVE to be submitted by 2:30pm