• The Fabulous Fourteen  (AKA: The Rules For Ms. Filanoski’s Class)                                                                                              


    1. Enter class silently; look at the board for the day’s entry task, and get to work quietly. Do not talk during roll; my ears are old and it’s difficult for me to hear.


    2. Don’t bother your neighbors. They want to learn. Let them. If you are unable to keep yourself under control you may be moved to an individual seat and/or asked to perform an interpretive dance showing what lead you to your disruptive decision. 


    3. Raise your hand if you would like to speak while the teacher is speaking. Often we have free speech and collaboration times - you will not need to raise your hand during these times.



    (See that bold print above? That means, I MEAN THIS!)

    Materials include:

    a.    A writing implement and back up

    b.    2 subject journals COLLEGE RULED (Language Arts Notebook, and Social Studies Notebook)

    c.    A free reading book


    5. If you finish all assigned work you may choose from the following:

    a.             Work on an assignment from another class

    b.             Read your free reading book

    c.              Ask Ms. Filanoski if there is anything you can do to help

    6. DO NOT write the non-word “alot” in a paper. It is spelled “a   lot”. It is TWO words. This is a pet peeve of mine and you will hear about it many, many more times before the year is through.

    7. My name is Ms. Filanoski. (Fill-ah-NO-ski). I will use your proper name; you will TRY to call me by mine.


    8. My hope is that you will have a fun and educational time in my class. I am easy-going. If however you do make a mistake in this class, FESS UP! We all make mistakes; admitting a mistake shows your true character.


     9. I allow food and gum (within reason) in my classes. If you decide to eat or chew gum in class, you will likely be asked to share it with me. Prepare yourself for this by bringing extra. (Unless it’s pretzels; I hate pretzels.) This rule also applies to anything that looks tasty especially Doritos and brownies. We also have daily tea. Please bring a mug with a lid, and tea to share if you’d like to participate.


     10. If you have an issue in your life that you would like to discuss but are embarrassed or too shy, write me a note about your issue. You need to share any classroom problems with me, but I never want you to feel uncomfortable, angry or embarrassed in my class. Tell me how I can help you find success in Humanities, and I will do my best to accommodate you.


     11. Be kind to others. If you’re rude in class, prepare to write a letter explaining how you will not make the same mistake in the future. Good writing is best learned through practice, and rudeness to others will allow you much practice time.


     12. Do not ask me for rewards. If you or your class earns a reward I promise to deliver. However, if you ASK for a reward I will not give it to you.


     13. If you complain about an assignment given I will double it. I do not give you work for any other reason than for you to learn. I really don’t give a lot of work in my classes, (NO HOMEWORK!) but I expect what I do assign to be accepted and done with a positive attitude.


     14. I am a teacher because I LIKE kids. (Really I do! YOU’RE MY FAVORITE KIND OF PEOPLE! I LOVE THIS JOB SO MUCH!) And, I’m positive I’ll like you the most.

     Princess Bride