• FamilyLink is an educational program designed to enrich the learning of students in grades K-

    12, whose parents are their primary educators. If you’re interested in learning more about the

    program, please call our program director, Dr. Thomas Elliott at (206) 463-8687. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and

    help you decide if FamilyLink is an appropriate choice for you and your child.


    To enroll, you'll need to complete a registration form and other district paperwork that outlines

    the responsibilities of the teacher, the parents and the student. Once enrolled, you and your

    student will have regular contact with your teacher to create learning plans and activities,

    develop teaching strategies, identify curriculum and other instructional materials and review

    your student's progress.


    Ideally, parents and students attend the first appointment together;

    although, parents may choose to come alone to the first meeting if they want to discuss their

    child’s needs privately. In this meeting, you'll learn how the program works, see our facility and

    find out about FamilyLink resources available to you. All of our certificated teachers are

    homeschool parents themselves and can give you first-hand information.



    Other programs and services include enrichment classes, educational support funds, and a

    computer lab and resource library. FamilyLink students have the option of attending a class or

    two at Chautauqua, McMurray or Vashon High School.