• What is this for?

    Fomerly referred to as "Thursday Folders", we have gone 100% digital. We began this process a couple of years ago and with the COVID-19 impact, we have moved to no more paper at all and will continue this to help reduce unnecessary waste of paper products. 

    Only those who have a 501(c)3 non-profit status can utilize this option.  This number will be required when completing our form to be listed on our website.


    How does our information reach families?

    The school will send out emails to our families once per month linking to both the Web Links page to remind families of these resources as well as linking to the page with posters/flyers/announcments about upcoming events. 

    Our requirements to have items posted on our website and communicated to families are:

    • It is for 501(c)3 verified non-profits only.  
    • All events must be student-related and elementary age appropriate.


    How do we participate?

    We have one form that all non-profits are required to complete to allow your organization to be listed or promote a special event.  This provides us with the basic information needed to link to your organization.  To submit a PDF or image (jpg or png file), please the file as an attachment to our Office Manager, Gillian Callison.

    • Web Links - Complete this form to have your non-profit listed.  This provides a brief overview (2-3 sentences) about your non-profit and how they provide for elementary students and their families. It does not change nor is removed unless you request it.
    • Posters or FlyersEmail an attached PDF or image (jpg, png) "flyer" to promote a specific upcoming event, registration or announcement.  These have a specific time window when the promoted event is relevant and will only be up on the website during that time.  You must already have filled out the main form providing basic information for your organization before we will post any digital flyers.  Be certain your "flyer" contains all relevant information such as dates, times and location of events.