• Payments

    The lunchroom uses a Point of Sale system referred to as Skyward. It works much like a checking/debit account in that money is deposited that students can access to purchase a meal. Important steps for always ensuring money is available for your child include:

    • Checks should include first and last name of student on your check. Cash should be put in an envelope with first and last name of student.
    • If paying for more than one student, you must indicate all student’s names and the amount you want allocated to each student. You can include payments for students at McMurray and/or the High School.
    • Payments can be deposited in the Lunch Payments Box located just inside the CES office. Please don’t forget to write your child’s name on the envelope and/or your check. Payments can be made online with a credit or debit card as well by through Family Access.

    Please maintain a positive balance in your child’s meal account. The meal account operates likea debit account, not a credit account. If a student’s account balance falls below $20.00 or has a negative balance, a reminder will come home by email. Student access to meals may be limited if a negative account balance exists. If you have an email address, but are not receiving reminders, your child’s account is either positive or you may check with the office to make certain your email address is recorded correctly.