Straight Grade Classes

  • Do multi-age and straight grade students learn the same things?

  • It's my understanding that multi-age classes are more project-based. Does that mean if my child is in a straight grade class they won't be able to learn by doing fun projects?

  • How do I request a specific teacher?

Multi-Age Classes

  • What makes the multi-age program different?

  • I have an only child and have no idea about how my child would do with small social circles. How do I determine if the multi-age program will be a good place for him/her/them?

  • Why do you have a lottery for multi-age? How does it work?

  • What makes the multi-age classes different from straight grade classes?

  • How does multi-age mix with other students in the same grade level from the straight grade classes?

  • Will my child benefit or be intimidated by seeing what older students are learning in math?

  • Are there any difficult transitions from 3rd to 4th grade when moving out of multi-age?

  • Do the three multi-age classes have recess together?

  • I feel that my child will excel in a multi-age class. How can I ensure he gets into that program?

  • Will there be a multi-age at 4th, 5th?

Blended Classes

  • Since blended classrooms are born of necessity, how do you decide who is in a blend and who teaches a blend?

  • In a Blended class, does the lower grade stay with the same teacher for the next year?

  • How likely is it that there will be a blend next year?

  • Can you determine if the blend will continue on to the next year (looping)?

  • If my child is in a 1st/2nd grade blend as a 1st grader, then moves to straight 2nd grade class the next year. Will he fit ok academically?

  • Do students in multi-age or blends receive the same supports as those in straight grades?