Route 7 - Dockton/Gold Beach

  • Students should be at their assigned stop no later than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled stop time with backpacks on, and ready to board.  Do not wait inside the house, in the car, etc.  Buses are unable to wait or return for students who missed an on-time or late bus.

    Bus 7 does not go to McMurray in the afternoon.  Middle school students will need to board any bus at McM, which will then take them to Vashon High School, where they can board the correct bus. 

    Bus notes are not required to board a bus or get off at a different stop other than home, however, students going somewhere other than home will be loaded on a space available/priority basis as follows:

    1. Students going home
    2. Students going to after school clubs, sports, tutoring, etc (if space is available)
    3. All others (if space is available)