Board Operating Protocol

  • The members of the Vashon Island School District Board of Directors agree to operate as follows: 

    Annual Objectives. Each year, we will identify the vital few objectives, and deliverables for those objectives, that are the top priority for the Board to accomplish that year. With the Superintendent, we also will identify key, measurable objectives for the Superintendent to accomplish that year. We will refrain from pursuing our individual objectives if they would distract or interfere with accomplishment of the top priorities identified by the Board.

    Annual Board Assessment. Each year, we will perform an assessment of our performance as a group and as individual Board members.

    Preparation for Meetings. We will come to Board meetings on time. We will come prepared to address the issues on the agenda, having reviewed the materials provided in advance of the meeting.

    Board Meeting Agenda. The Board Chair and Superintendent will set the agenda for each scheduled Board meeting. Individual board members should work with the Board Chair and the Superintendent to place an issue/concern on the agenda. The Board Chair will follow up with the Board member if there are any follow-up questions regarding the issue/concern. The Board Chair will communicate the request to the entire Board. If there are three (3) members who wish to place the issue/concern on the agenda, it will be placed on the agenda in a subsequent meeting.

    Respectful Civil Debate. We will give each other, the Superintendent, staff, and members of the public the benefit of the doubt that they intend what is best for our school district. We will treat everyone with fairness, trust, and respect and we will engage in civil debate of issues. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

    No Surprises. We will not surprise each other with issues that are not on the agenda. We will not surprise staff with requests for information.

    Board’s Role. The Board is the last stop, not the first, for addressing administrative matters. We will direct complaints, criticisms, and suggestions to the Superintendent. We will inform the Superintendent immediately of complaints regarding personnel.

    Board Requests. We will direct requests for information or staff work to the Superintendent, in coordination with the Board Chair.

    Issue Ownership. We will encourage members of the public to present their own issues and proposals rather than carrying the ball for them.

    Efficient Meetings. We will conduct our meetings efficiently, making our points as succinctly as possible. Board meetings that go later than 7:30 will be the exception, not the rule.

    Public Involvement. We will treat the public as a partner in our deliberations. We will make information on issues we are considering readily available to the public in a form that is easily understood. We will provide opportunities for public input at several stages in our study and development of major programs, policies, and plans.

Leadership Team Roles