• Q: Do I have to be present at the bus stop?

    A: If your student is in Kindergarten, Pre-School, or ECEAP a parent/guardian must be meet the bus at the service doors. A student who does not have a parent/guardian present will not be allowed to exit the bus, and the bus barn will attempt to contact you.  

    Q: My bus didn’t show up (or was early/late). What do I do?

    A: Ensure that your student is at the assigned stop 5-10 minutes prior to the stop time. If your bus has not shown up 10 minutes after the stop time, contact the bus barn. School buses cannot return for a child who missed an on-time or late bus.  Please allow 2 weeks after school starts as an adjustment period to get timing right as students are added/removed from routes.

    A: Little Buses: The drivers for little buses are also commuter drivers for VHS and McM.  If the ferry is late, your bus will be late. We have all Little Bus routes scheduled assuming the ferries are 15 minutes late daily. 

    Q: I would like a stop that is not currently on a route, how can I get this added?

    A: Please make all stop requests using the following form: Stop Add Request. Stop requests are reviewed in October, January and April. 

    Q: My student will not be on the bus for a day or more, do I need to tell you?

    A: YES! Many parents communicate directly with the bus driver, however, please make sure to contact the bus barn as well. This may cause other stops to run early and we would like to let parents know. Stops that do have students 3 days in a row are at risk to be eliminated unless we know what is happening.

    Q: There are too many kids on the bus! What can I do?

    A: Each of our buses have a maximum capacity. As a  general rule, 6th-12th grade students can be seated 2 to a seat, while elementary students can be seated 3 to a seat.

    Q: Does my student need a bus pass to get on a different bus?

    A: Only for CES students. However, if a bus is overcrowded, our priority is getting student’s home. If your student is going into town or to a friend’s house, they may be asked to exit the bus. Secondary students cannot ride the bus with primary students without a note from school staff.

    Q: Why are there cameras on the bus?

    A: Each bus is equipped with cameras inside and outside. These help us identify the root cause of many issues that occur on or around the bus such as bullying, harassment, and stop paddle runners. Bus videos can only be released to school personnel and law enforcement. Please see district policy #6608 for more information.

    Q: The bus stop sign is out, and the red lights are flashing. Do I have to stop?

    A:  Yes! The bus is loading or unloading children who may need to cross the road.  Not stopping creates a dangerous situation and is a violation of RCW 46.61.372.  There are cameras on the stop paddles to assist with officers in enforcing this law.

    Q: How do I contact the bus barn?

    A: The bus barn is open from 06:30 am to 5:00 pm on school days. Our phone number is 206- 463-6799. To reach dispatch, please use option 102. For the manager, please use option 101.

    Manager: Alyssa Gerads alyssa.gerads@firstgroup.com   Dispatch: Bri Gurule brianna.gurule@firstgroup.com