• Physical Address:
    Chautauqua Elementary School - 3rd Floor
    9309 SW Cemetery Road
    Main: (206) 463-2121
    Fax: (206) 463-6262

    8AM - 4PM Monday - Friday

    Mailing Address:
    Vashon Island School District
    P.O. Box 547
    Vashon, WA 98070-0547

Superintendent's Office

First Name Last Name Title Location Phone Number Email
Dr. Slade McSheehy Superintendent Rm 306 206-463-8534 smcsheehy@vashonsd.org
Peter Woodbrook Executive Assistant to the Superintendent Rm 306 206-463-8627 pwoodbrook@vashonsd.org

Business Office / Human Resources

First Name Last Name Title Location Phone Number Email
Amy Sassara Director of Human Resources Rm 304 206-463-8529 asassara@vashonsd.org
Kay Adams Director of Business and Finance Rm 304 206-463-8527 kadams@vashonsd.org
Tiffany Rice Payroll & Benefits Manager Rm 304 206-463-8526 trice@vashonsd.org
Oanh Garvik Fiscal Coordinator Rm 304 206-463-8525 ogarvik@vashonsd.org
Carole Elliott Administrative Assistant Rm 304 206-463-8580 celliott@vashonsd.org
HR/Payroll Specific Fax 206-463-2894

Instructional Program - Special Education and Curriculum

First Name Last Name Title Location Phone Number Email
Kathryn Coleman Director of Student Services Rm 305 206-463-8532 kcoleman@vashonsd.org
Dr. Stephanie Spencer Director of Teaching & Learning Rm 305 206-463-8531 sspencer@vashonsd.org
Sherry Mitra Data Analyst Rm 305 206-463-8530 smitra@vashonsd.org
Tory Gateman Compliance Coordinator Rm 305 206-463-8528 tgateman@vashonsd.org
Nidia Sahagun Family Engagement Coordinator 206-463-8611 nsahagun@vashonsd.org

Technology / Facilities / Food Services / Transportation

First Name Last Name Title Location Phone Number Email
Kevin Dickerson Director of Facilities Maintenance Building 206-463-8629 kdickerson@vashonsd.org
Lisa Cyra Food Service Director VHS Kitchen 206-463-1104 lcyra@vashonsd.org
Mark Frey Facilities Manager Maintenance Building 206-463-8671 mfrey@vashonsd.org
Alyssa Gerads Transportation Manager Bus Barn 206-463-6799 alyssa.gerads@firstgroup.com
John Stanton Director of Technology 206-463-8633 jstanton@vashonsd.org