Request Bus Service for an Ineligible Student

  • Washington law and District policy determine transportation eligibility for your student. If you've received notice that your student is not eligible for transportation and would like further information, please review our Service Standards

    Requests may be made for service beyond what is required by state law or District policy. It's important to note:

    • Transportation service requests may be submitted after July 1st for the coming school year
    • All requests will be processed in the order received
    • If approved, requests are only granted for one school year and must be resubmitted each subsequent year
    • If ridership of eligible students on the selected route increases during the school year, your student may lose ridership privileges

    Approval is based on the following:

    • Available space on the bus route, after eligible students are accounted for.  Current bus ridership is assessed in September and space available is calculated in October.
    • Safe access to an existing bus stop (as determined by the Transportation department). 
    • New bus stops will not be added to routes to serve ineligible students.


    Request Bus Service for Ineligible Student