• School districts rely on voter-approved funding measures to bridge the gap between what the state funds and what it costs to support Vashon Island School District students.

    Through approved funding measures by the Vashon community, VISD has been able to provide 21st century technology to all students, modernization and remodeling of school facilities, employ classified and certificated staff beyond what the state pays for, and provide social-emotional and academic support for students to graduate confident and competent to thrive in a future they imagine. 

    In February 2024, registered voters on Vashon Island will be asked to vote on the Vashon Island School District's Replacement Capital Levy for Safety, Security and Technology Improvements.

  • It is important to note that the 2024 Replacement Capital Levy for Safety, Security and Technology Improvements is not a new tax. It renews an expiring tax expiring in December 2024. The Vashon Island community has consistently supported Capital and Technology Levies since 2001. VISD's current Capital and Technology Levy currently funds 6.2 percent of the District's annual operating budget, filling the gap between what the state provides and the funds necessary to preserve assets and stay current with rapidly changing technologies.

    • The proposed levy would generate $1,950,000 annually from 2025 through 2028.