Start you school day by logging on to Clever

  • Ways to reach the Clever Portal

    Clever Portal 

    • All school issued chromebooks automatically log you on to the Clever Portal when you login
    • You can click the "C" on the homepage of all the district pages
    • You can navigate to
    • You can search for your school at

    Find your Grades! Contact a teacher! Log on to your Google or SeeSaw Classroom!

    We keep track of attendance, grades, announcements and other student data with our student information system called Skyward.
    You can log in to Skyward through the Clever Portal.
    By visiting the school's Clever portal and logging in with your School Google account, you can find all of the resources the school makes available to you.

Technology Forms

Safety & Security

Did you know?

  • Did you know that you can take your contect from your School Google account with you when you graduate or leave the district? You can do so with Google Takeout:

    Google Transfer

    Students may migrate the contents of their Google Drives and emails to a personal account when they leave the district.