• Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS)

    MTSS is a school-based, multi-level prevention system to maximize student achievement and reduce behavior problems. 
    The four essential components of MTSS, as outlined by the Center on Multi-tiered System of Supports, are:
    For more details about VISD instructional practices regarding MTSS, please click here.

    Multi-tier System of Supports Initiative:

    Effectively identify students needing additional instructional support, monitor student progress using multiple data points to inform instruction and to implement effective interventions to address the unique needs of these learners (K through 12).
    Desired outcomes:
    • Ensure success for each student in every classroom and/or class
    • Ensure all students graduate from high school ready for the future they imagine

    How this is achieved:

    • Emphasis on universal design for learning
    • Teachers use data to inform and guide instruction
    • Formative assessments are routinely used to measure student progress
    • Teachers share data and troubleshoot within their Professional Learning Community (PLC)
    • Develop instructional interventions and performance monitoring for students who struggle whether academically, emotionally or with social/behavioral difficulties
    • Develop a consistent K-12 system with three tiers of intervention, well-coordinated with common tools between schools/programs