The Doctor is In
  • Welcome to my new Teacher Website. 
    Below find a quick-access list of useful information. 

    Helpful things to know:

    Syllabus, Course Policies and Expectations: 

    Grades: I post grades weekly in Skyward for English classes.  At the beginning of each term, grades will not be posted in the first 2 weeks until there are enough assignments completed to allow for a somewhat more accurate picture of the student's performance in class.  Theatre Arts classes can expect grades to be posted less frequently, approximately once a month.
    Website Updates: daily
    Best way for students to contact me: Speak with me at break or in class, or email me.  Sometimes I check email in the evening, but not always, so I may not see your emailed question about an assignment, so find a friend in class you can email if you have a question about a homework assignment in the evening.
    Best way for parents to contact me: Email <> or classroom telephone: (206) 463-9171, extension 8674
    I am available to work with students: SMART periods, before school in the morning, at least one lunch period each week.  I am rarely available to work with students after school because most days I am involved in rehearsals with our Theatre Arts program.  

    I check email: twice each day, before school in the morning and during my planning period (4th period)
    I check phone messages: daily