• In our district, Title I, Part A funding provides school-wide math support to help our elementary students meet grade level expectations in math. Funding from Title I, Part A also provides assistance to our students in grades K-12 who are experiencing homelessness and helps support our family engagement program.


    Title I is a federally funded program. The funding is based on our district's overall enrollment and the percentage of students qualified for the federal food program.

    Parent and Family Engagement

    Parents and families have the right to participate in the development of the parent and family engagement plan as well as participate in parent/family learning activities in support of their students. Parents and families will be notified in advance of these opportunities. Each year, we hold a variety of school meetings, such as the School Improvement Team and Voice, to facilitate participation and gather feedback on the development of the parent and family engagement plan. We will also conduct formal surveys at least once a year to gather information about the effectiveness of the plan. Surveys used may include the annual communication survey, the biennual Center for Educational Effectiveness Survey, program specific feedback and so on.

    Parents and Families can expect the following from our district:

    • communications in their preferred language (using our official district digital tools and on-demand telephone interpreter services)
    • training on monitoring a child’s progress and working with educators
    • help in understanding state academic standards
    • materials and training designed to help parents work with their children
    • meetings at a time available for working parents to be present
    • raising awareness and building skills among teachers, support personnel, principals, and staff related to outreach and communication, and ways to work with parents as equal partners
    • receiving information and advanced notice related to school and parent-focused programs, meetings and other activities
    • coordination of parent engagement programs with other school-based programs and services — Learning Assistance Program (LAP), Highly Capable Program, Special Education, and preschool programs for example.

    Schoolwide Program

    A math specialist and paraeducator work with classroom teachers to provide math support within the regular classroom. Students may work in small groups on very focused skills during the math intervention block.

    Staff Qualifications

    Title I, Part A requires that teachers and paraeducators meet certain requirements when participating in Title I, Part A funded programs or activities. 

    In addition, parents and legal guardians have the right to request or be notified about teacher’s or paraeducator’s qualifications.

    Learn more about the staff qualifications and notification on OSPI's website.

    Complaint Procedures

    The District disseminates free of charge to parents of students, and to appropriate private school officials or representatives, adequate information about OSPI’s written complaint procedures for resolving issues of violation(s) of a Federal statute or regulation that applies to Title I, Part A programs. Access OSPI’s written complaint procedures.

    Parents may find useful information to support student learning at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website.