• Philosophy 

    Vashon Island School District shall offer instructional services to address the unique needs of highly capable students of school age. Our framework for highly capable services embraces the following objectives.

    • Expansion of academic attainment and intellectual skill;
    • Stimulation of intellectual curiosity, independence and responsibility;
    • Development of a positive attitude toward self and others; and
    • Development of originality and creativity.

    The identification of highly capable students shall be based on professional judgment as to which students will benefit the most from inclusion in the district's program.

  • Definition of Highly Capable

  • Services

  • 2023-24 Process

  • Identification Process

  • Process for Appeal

  • Interpretation and Translation Services

    Under state and federal law, all parents have the right to information about their child’s education in a language they can understand. Title IV Regulations | Chapter 28A.642 RCW | Chapter 392-190 WAC
    Please click here, for more information about this topic posted on the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction's website.