Syllabus for 2019-2020
    Ms. Patty Gregorich
    Room 136
    (206) 463-8630


    Printable Syllabus:  Seventh Grade Humanities Syllabus 2019-2020


    Note:  I will be providing all students with a separate binder for humanities.  In this binder, student will find a pencil pouch, pen, pencil, post-it notes, and binder tab dividers.  I will also be providing students with a Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook. 


    *Required Materials Needed in Class Every Day:

    Students are expected to arrive for class promptly with all required materials for the day’s activities.

    • the book of choice you are reading to meet your reading goal
    • lined, notebook paper (college rule preferred)
    • 3-ring binder for humanities (provided by Ms. Gregorich) 
    • tabs/dividers to divide each section of your binder (provided by Ms. Gregorich) 
    • zippered pouch that fits in binder (provided by Ms. Gregorich) 
    • inside the zippered pouch: pen, two pencil, and small post-it notes ((provided by Ms. Gregorich) 
    • Writer’s and Reader’s Notebook (provided by Ms. Gregorich)
    • assignment(s) due
    • any books that we are using in class (novel, textbook)

    *Students are responsible for having all necessary supplies in class by Monday, September 9 and sooner if possible.

    Rules and Expectations:

    The McMurray Middle School rules apply in this classroom.  These rules are to respect yourself, others, learning, and the environment. 

    Another way that I discuss these rules is to “Be kind to yourself and others.”  I expect us to treat one another with kindness, and I expect us to be kind to ourselves. 

    Some of the most essential ways that I expect the school and classroom rules to be followed in my classroom are:

    • Be kind to yourself by valuing your own learning. 
    • Put forth an honest effort. 
    • Be honest.
    • Challenge yourself.   
    • Engage in high quality thinking and work. 
    • Do your work thoroughly, on time, and hand it in by the deadline. 
    • Come to class prepared to learn by having taken good care of yourself (sleeping and eating) and with the required materials.
    • Be kind to others by listening thoughtfully and without judgment.
    • Be helpful and use positive language. 
    • Be inclusive of others and be friendly. 
    • Allow others to learn by focusing during class instruction and not interrupting. 
    • Listen and follow directions the first time they are given. When you disagree with others, do so in an agreeable way.
    • When you need help, ask for it. 



    In most instances, a first infraction’s consequence is redirection and a warning.  Further consequences include: a yellow warning slip (after receiving three, I will make a discipline referral to the principal), a meeting with me, leaving the classroom to complete a “Processing Form” in our partner-classroom, parent/guardian contact, detention, and, if absolutely necessary, referral to the office.  Severity clause: in extreme cases, consequences will be issued as infraction requires. 


    When you do not comply with the classroom expectations in a manner that is frequent and interferes with your learning and the learning of others, I will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss the issue.  My intent will be to make sure that you understand how you are not complying with the expectations and why the behavior is interfering with your learning and/or the learning of others.  During this meeting, I will also strive to understand why you are not in compliance.  Finally, the goal will be to help you to arrive at a plan that will help you to comply in the future.  The tone of this meeting will be positive and focused on problem-solving rather than shaming or blaming.  When needed, I will provide you with additional support so that you are able to comply with the classroom and school expectations in the future.  I will notify your parent(s)/guardian(s) when a meeting with you is needed.

    Class Structure:

    Seventh-grade humanities is a block of English and Social Studies.  We will engage in a wide variety of reading and writing, often integrated with our study of social studies/history.  Because the way to become more skilled readers and writers is to read and write, we will write and read in class every day.  On my website, you will find a course outline that gives a general overview of our year. This course outline is also attached to this syllabus.


    Grading is based on a points system. Points are earned for in class work, homework assignments, projects, quizzes, tests and participation in class activities and discussions. You will receive points for your in-class reading and writing as well.  Late assignments lose points—15% the first day, 20% the next.  The highest grade you can earn on an assignment that is turned in three or more days late is a 70%.  Assignments that are more than one week late will not be accepted unless your parent/guardian contacts me to request an exception.

    Because You’re Human Certificates:  Each of you will be given two certificates during each nine week grading period/term that will allow you to hand in an assignment one day late and receive absolutely no penalty.  Though I have high expectations of you and expect your work to be handed in on time, I also know that you may want/need an extra night to complete work for a variety of reasons.  If you staple a certificate to your late work, handing it in on the day after the original due date, you will not have the standard 15% of the points taken from your final grade.


    Extensions:  If you are experiencing a great challenge in your life, you may request one extension per grading period.  Extensions must be requested before the due date.  Either in person or in writing, you can request an extension for an assignment, quiz/test, or project before the actual due date.  You will explain the circumstances to me and tell me how many days you need to complete the work.  If you are asking for an extension for a quiz or test, you will need to make arrangements with me to take this after school. 


    Going Above and Beyond!

    Everyone in my class always has the opportunity to go “above and beyond.”  I encourage you to engage in additional learning opportunities that you are passionate about in order to further your learning and to challenge yourself.  Throughout the year I will introduce various ways that you can extend your own learning.  If you have your own idea about how you might extend your learning, dig deeper and learn more, please present it to me.  If all of your required classwork has been completed and turned in, extra points will be given for going above and beyond. 


    Missing Work

    I will be using a ten-point scale for grading assignments.  If you have a missing assignment, it will be recording in the online gradebook as 50% or a 5.  Please refer to the article, “The Case Against the Zero,” on my website under “Parent/Guardian Resources” if you would like to better understand why I do not record these missing assignments with a zero.  The assignment will still be marked as missing in the gradebook.  It is also true that any assignment you complete will not receive less than 50%.



    There will be regular homework assignments and projects.  However, much of the work we do is done in class.  When students use in-class time wisely and effectively, there is less homework!  If homework is taking more than 20 minutes per night per class period (40 minutes for the humanities block) on a regular basis, please let me know. 

    Reading books of choice to meet your reading goal of 40 books will not be officially assigned.  You will have to manage your own reading progress.  It may be difficult to meet your reading goal if you do not read after school and on the weekend. 

    This year I will be encourage and expecting you to write more than you ever have!  If you do not have any assigned homework for humanities (or even if you do), I encourage you write, write, write!

    *All homework and classwork should be completed neatly and in pencil or black or blue pen on full sheets of lined paper (unless otherwise specified) or the worksheet provided.  You may be asked to redo assignments that are not done neatly according to this criteria or lose points for the assignment.  Do not hand in work that is torn out of a notebook with the “fringies” still on the page.

    ** Any typed work should be completed in Times New Roman, 14 point, black font, 1.5 spacing.



    Since much of our work is done in class, it benefits you to avoid absences. You are responsible for assignments missed when you are absent. Most assignments can be found on my teacher website, and I strongly encourage you to look at my website on the day you are absent (my website is typically updated by 4 p.m. each day).  Upon returning to school after your absence, ask me for any documents that were handed out in class if you have not printed these from my website.  You will have two days to make-up an assignment for each day you were absent.  All tests and quizzes missed due to an absence must be taken after school. Additionally, you are responsible for handing in any work that was due during your absence without prompting or reminders.  Assignments should be turned in to the proper hand-in bin in the classroom.  I expect that you will read and write at home on a day you are absent if you are feeling well enough to do so.


    Organizational Tips:

    1.  Select a time and place to do your homework each day. Strive to maintain this routine whenever possible. Our school library is open most days until 3:30 pm, and this is a wonderful place to complete homework after school. 
    2. Turn off your “screens” at least thirty minutes before bedtime and read.
    3. Keep your binder organized so you can find what you need. Put papers where they belong immediately.  Keep all documents and returned assignments until you get your report card. 
    4. Check my website daily to be certain that you are aware of all assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests. 
    5. Remember to turn in your homework when it is due or upon your return if absent.
    6.  Do not expect that extra copies of handouts will be available. Put papers away where you will not lose them.  You can find copies of handouts on my website that you may print at home or in our school library. I will not be handing out extra copies of documents.
    7. If you don’t understand an assignment, ask for clarification (don't wait until the due-date to ask questions about an assignment). Keep asking questions until you do understand. 

    I will almost always be here after school for additional support on Friday until 4:30 p.m.  I am generally available to provide extra help for students after school on all other days or by prior appointment.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at pgregorich@vashonsd.org or 463-8630.