McMurray Middle School

To equip every student to engage, thrive, and contribute within an ever-changing world.

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Who We Are

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    McMurray Middle School is focused on preparing all students during the transition from elementary school to high school and equipping them to engage, thrive and contribute in an ever-changing world.  We engage students in a rich core curriculum, implement dynamic instruction, and provide challenge and support for all students.  Our rich elective and exploratory courses cultivate student’s intellectual, creative, kinesthetic, and social development.

    We are committed to equity for all and developing positive relationships so that our students have a sense of belonging and connectedness to school.  We challenge and support all students  to make significant growth in essential life and academic skills.  Students routinely explore their affective and whole selves, while all students are held accountable for respect, responsibility and contribution to our culture.

    We believe growth, curiosity, empathy and social-emotional development are essential aspects of the McMurray program.  Strong relationships for learning promote our sense of purpose to establish a building culture of positive communication, collaboration and accountability.

     Goals for 2018-2019:

    • Promoting curiosity, engagement, critical thinking, and academic growth for all students.
    • Developing a safe and positive school climate will be emphasized throughout the year, with a particular focus on fostering empathy, inclusion, responsibility and respect.
    • Enhancing positive collaboration with students, home and the community through a variety of outreach, volunteerism, and communications.



McMurray Day

  • The Basics

    Number of classes per day: 6
    Number of teachers each day: 4 to 6
    Combination lockers: one per student, padlocks
    Floors: 2, Main floor has classrooms, lower lever has gym and art/STEM classroom
    Homeroom / Advisory Daily homerooms may have a mix of 6th,7th and 8th graders. Homeroom is intended to be a time for students to gain and share information, independent reading, develop a rapport with other students and staff and learn about school climate issues, notably bullying prevention. Student-led conferences are conducted through homeroom. Identified students receive support in reading, math and other skills.

    The numbers

    6 classes per day plus homeroom
    50 minute class period
    30-minute homeroom
    10-minute break between 2nd period and homeroom
    30-minute lunch break
    4-minute passing time between classes
    400 students
    30 staff members
    2 semesters with semester grade reports

    Who’s Who in the Office

    Mr. Allison, Principal
    Yvette Butler, Counselor
    Kailey Ketter, Counselor
    Ms. Vickers, Office Manager
    Ms. Jensen, Registrar/Office Secretary
    Ms. Jaffe, Librarian
    Ms. Day, nurse
    Ms. Albright, day custodian


  • At McMurray we promote a strong, skill-based core academic program that is augmented by rich exploratory and elective courses.

    Science: All science courses focus on helping students develop scientific skills through themes of systems, inquiry, and applications. 6th grade: Integrated Science (physical, earth, life; full year) 7th grade: life science (one semester), anatomy & physiology (one semester) 8th grade: earth science, planetology (full year)

    Humanities: Our humanities curriculum integrates language arts and social studies for two periods each day. We emphasize the development and mastery of comprehension, analysis, research, writing, and communication in the historical and cultural context listed below for each grade: 6th grade: Ancient Civilizations (full year) 7th grade: World History and Cultures (full year) 8th grade: American History (full year).

    Math: McMurray utilizes Connected Math 3 for all grades.  Prentice Hall Algebra is used for 8th grade Algebra. Additional online resources are used in all 3 grades Mathematics program helps students sharpen reasoning, computation, geometric, pre-algebraic and algebraic skills in a conceptual and integrated program. (full year for grades 6 through 8)

    Healthy Living: These combination PE /health classes focus on helping students gain the tools to lead healthy lives. The PE portion is centered on aerobic and skill-related fitness (movement, coordination, balance). The Health portion covers the Life Skills prevention program, fitness awareness and nutrition. Each grade level takes one semester of Healthy Living.

    Technology: Students take a one semester computer course in both 6th and 7th grades. Students gain an understanding of PC and web-based applications and focus on developing keyboarding, research and application skills.


    • Basic Art,
    • Ceramics,
    • Graphic Arts,
    • Digital Photography,
    • Video Production
    • AVID: for 7th and 8th grade students who wish to become a more successful student. 
    • 6th grade Band: beginning/fundamental instrumental music
    • Symphonic Band:  7th & 8th grade student symphonic instrumental music, two or more concerts per year
    • Career Exploration & Community Service: students will collaborate, envision and plant a McMurray garden.
    • Drama: physical drama, comedy, performances
    • Express Yourself Through Writing:  Nature writing, song writing, journaling, letters, poems, and fiction, this is often referred to as "Writing Club"
    • Food 101:
    • French Exploration: introduction to French language and culture
    • Japanese Exploration:  one semester introduction to the Japanese language.
    • Leadership: organize school activities and learn how to be an effective leader
    • Mountain Biking: learn bike maintenance and repair while learning physical aspects of riding
    • Outdoor Survival: the title says it all
    • Spanish Exploration: one semester Spanish Exploration
    • STEM Classes:
    • Design It Build It,
    • Introduction to Woodworking,
    • Build a Treehouse
    • Vehicles in Motion
    • Study Skills: homework help and organization Teacher and Office Assistants
    • Tournament PE: students will participate in multiple sport tournaments



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