• McMurray CARES. We cherish and nurture the unique gifts within every student. We are compassionate. We believe in acts of kindness and we believe in service. We care for ourselves, each other, and the spaces around us. We honor our environment. We demonstrate responsibility continuously.  We value ourselves, each other, and our learning. We believe in our ability to grow and learn. We believe we are change-agents (racial equity/social justice) for a brighter future.

    We are committed to equity for all and developing positive relationships so that our students have a sense of belonging and connectedness to school.  We challenge and support all students  to make significant growth in essential life and academic skills.  Students routinely explore their affective and whole selves, while all students are held accountable for respect, responsibility and contribution to our culture.

    We believe growth, curiosity, empathy and social-emotional development are essential aspects of the McMurray program.  Strong relationships for learning promote our sense of purpose to establish a building culture of positive communication, collaboration and accountability.