• Helpful things to know:

     Syllabus, Course Policies and Expectations: (see above home page URL, or link in frame on left of this page)

    Grades:(see above home page URL, or link in frame on left of this page) This is a lab course, with formative daily grades assessing lab participation, processing, & productivity, and summative assessments, usually of a including discussion / practicum component, and no homework for all practical purposes.
    Content and assessment characteristics are determined by the NGSS & CCSS Math & LSTS, and are numerically scored as per the SBAC & MSP.
    - L4 clearly exceeds standard (mastery beyond grade level expectations in all associated skill areas),
    - L3 meets the standards assessed, L2 is approaching, but not yet demonstrating required performance levels.
    - L1 indicates some record of product along the lines of developing skills aligned with the standard, but not yet approaching required performance levels.
    - L0 indicates no product available to assess - skill level is not determinable.
    Grading is on a 9 point scale:
    9/9 = L4 ~ 100% ~ A+
    8/9 = L3 ~ 89% ~ A-
    7/9 = L2 ~ 78% ~ C+
    6/9 = L1  ~ 67% ~ D+
    5/9 = L0  ~ 56% ~ F
    Mastery Grading via Authentic Assessment and Differentiation are the philosophic foundations of the system: students are encouraged and expected to pursue concept mastery through persistence and resilience ala Habits of Mind & Growth Mind Set. No penalties for retakes (although extra prep effort on site 7-8am is often needed to enable diagnosis and treatment of the causative skill deficits). 

    Website Updates: on the fly during class, and most any other time I'm .
    I don't use text or social media, as almost all of my online efforts are poured into my course website.
    Other places to find class info: http://justin.vashonsd.org
    Best way for students to contact me: in class, as the need or interest arises. Email secondarily, preferably cc'ing parents / guardians so we can all be on the same page (photoniclly, if not literally).

    Best way for parents to contact me: Email & in person.
    Classroom visits are always welcome, especially for student / class observation (&/or participation, if interested). ANY adult visitation has a HUGE positive effect on the kids. For private conferencing, please make an eMail or in person appointment.
    I am available to work with students: ~7-8am during the work week, unless scheduled for a meeting. I can also meet doing my p3 prep or after school by appointment, as those times are most often taken up with meetings, standing appointments,  lab preps, grading & entering, parent contact, course / website updates, and so on.

    I check email: ~5:30am during the work week, most evenings before putting my work away for the night after dinner, and sporadically as other duties allow during the work day.
    I check phone messages: whenever I see the red message light blinking on my lab phone. I'll call back whenever I can get processing time & privacy in my lab without other immediate requirements impinging (lab preps, course updates, etc.). Usually within 24 hrs. during the work week.