Superintendent's Student Advisory Board

  • The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board will provide student voice, advice, and perspectives to Superintendent McSheehy and will meet with the superintendent throughout the school year. The board provides input on ways to improve communication with students and obtain input on school system initiatives. The goal will be to help ensure the implementation of the district’s mission, “Every student is welcomed, known, and treasured, and graduates confident and competent to thrive in a future they imagine.”  

    What is the structure of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board? 

    The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is composed of secondary school students who reflect the diversity of the Vashon Island School District student population. SAB members serve on the advisory board for a maximum of one year. 

    When will the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board meetings be held? 

    The Student Advisory Board will explore a wide range of issues framed around a variety of topics including educational and racial equity, culture and climate, community service, and leadership. The meetings will be held on the second Mondays of the month during lunch at Vashon Island High School. Lunch will be provided by Dr. McSheehy. 

    What is the process for students interested in serving on the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board? 

    If you are interested in serving on the student advisory board for the school year, you will need to submit an application. Applications are available from your school counselor or in the school’s main office.

    You may request a copy via e-mail to Peter Woodbrook at 

    How are members chosen to serve? 

    To ensure broad representation, applications for potential members will be evaluated on a variety of factors, including grade level, areas of interest, character, and work ethic. Once the school year application window closes, a member of the counseling team, the Director of Teaching and Learning, the high school principal, and the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent will review applications and make recommendations to the superintendent. 

    Benefits to the students: 

    The opportunity to learn the leadership skills relating to governance and leadership. Students can use this experience as evidence for scholarship, college, and employment applications.  

    What will be expected of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board?  

    SAB members will be expected to: 

    • Attend all scheduled meetings.
    • Prepare for each meeting as needed.
    • Work in a collaborative manner with each other and with school system staff as needed. Express views and opinions openly, constructively, and respectfully.
    • Speak your truth.

    Although the Superintendent will develop an agenda for each meeting, students may submit discussion items for consideration to Jodi Burwell, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent.