I believe that learning a language should be FUN and I will do my utmost to make our time together as interactive, creative, and engaging as I can. I believe that anyone can learn a language with PERSISTENCE and FAITH. To challenge you to do your best I will speak in Spanish, and insist on a Spanish only environment. I appreciate that this is difficult, and I will treat you with RESPECT and FAIRNESS, and I expect the same in return. I will commit to listening to you and taking your comments and recommendations seriously, and be open and honest with you about my practices and the decisions that I make. Please feel open to talking to me before class, after class, during SMART period, or by appointment if you have questions or concerns.


    Expectations for virtual learning:


    Camera on and microphone off (unless you are speaking.)

    Raise your hand/signal for help if needed.


    Arrive on time! Most of our learning will take place in the google meet, please maximize your time here.

    How?    Enter the meeting by the appointed time 

                 Come prepared - ready to work, with the previous day's work completed, and whiteboard/writing materials ready to go.

    Why?    This will give you the opportunity to learn more Spanish and help others learn

                    You are practicing valuable skills regarding timeliness and collaboration

    Respect everyone!

    How?    Listen when others are talking, use only your chromebook unless directed.

    Why?    This is a learning environment for everyone. If it is easy for you, please help someone who needs it rather than causing a distraction.

    Communicate in Spanish!          

    How? Be creative! This is the hardest part, but you can do it.

    Use the words you know.

                    Act it out!

                    Draw it!




                    Composition notebook and writing materials for notes.

    Class rules


                    No Inglés! Solo español


    Please see google classroom for the day’s work and assignments. Make sure to copy the activity into your composition notebook under that days date. If you need further help, please ask two classmates before coming to me.