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    Update 3/17/2020: As we are all aware, due to current events, teachers at VISD are currently transitioning their curriculum to fit the ever changing situation we have found ourselves in as a nation. As a digital arts instructor (Photography/Graphic Design), I have over the years developed curriculum that is easily accesible digitally. However, my visual arts classes (Exploring Art/ Ceramics) are very hands on and require access to materials that have various degrees of expense and availability for the average household. As I develop a curriculum schedule for the coming weeks, I am taking time today to ask Parents and Students to visit my classroom website which is linked above. Explore class project for classes students are enrolled in, but also take time to discover projects in other subject areas. I am in the process of creating a Google Site specific to our current distance learning model, and organizing that takes a lot of thought and time. Once this website is complete it will act as a resource page for all parents and students to access projects which will be linked and updated once a week, every Monday. For the time being, locating topics of interest on my exhisting webste and using resources already available, can help give everyone a jumpstart on this transition we are all undertaking together. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns you may have. I am available via email during the school hours of 8am-3pm, Monday through Friday.  -Mrs. L
    Subjects: Exploring Art, Photography, Fiber Art, Ceramics, Video Productions, and Graphic Arts & Design
    Syllabus: Click Here 
    Grades: Updated via Skyward
    Website Updates: see above link
    Best way for students to contact me: During classtime or Email 
    Best way for parents to contact me: Email
    I am available to work with students: Afterschool on Tuesdays
    I check email: During School Hours