To keep up with what's happening in class, check out the resources below. You'll find a link to Google folders with all the materials from class. You'll also find a link to the syllabus for Biology A. The very best way to get the most up-to-date information is through Google Classroom. Log in with a VHS student account and you'll get access to daily posts about classwork, homework, and important dates. Guardians can view the class site with their student or they can be added to their student account to receive weekly summaries.


    Biology A Classroom Materials

    Biology A Syllabus


    Grades: I post grades no later than 2 weeks after assignment completion.

    Website Updates: Calendars and class materials are updated daily

    Best way for students to contact me: Email or in person during SMART periods

    Best way for parents to contact me: Email

    I am available to work with students: SMART periods or by appointment

    I check email: Once daily

    I check phone messages: Once daily