To keep up with what's happening in class, start with one of the shared calendars. These documents are where I do my planning, so they contain the most up-to-date information about lessons, homework, and due-dates. There are embeded links to shared Google folders with Powerpoints and handouts from class if you want more detail. I also use Google Classroom to post homework assignments and you will find that you can subscribe to a Google calendar with those assignments and other important dates if you wish.


    Bio B Calendar

    Environmental Science Calendar






    Biology B Syllabus


    Grades: I post grades no later than 2 weeks after assignment completion.

    Website Updates: Calendars and class materials are updated daily

    Best way for students to contact me: Email or in person during SMART periods

    Best way for parents to contact me: Email

    I am available to work with students: SMART periods or by appointment

    I check email: Once daily

    I check phone messages: Once daily