• Who we are

    Our goal at Vashon Island High School (VHS) is to help students engage, thrive, and contribute in their learning both now and in the future. We believe students will best be prepared for their future by maintaining their curiosity and passion for learning, acquiring critical thinking, complex writing, and applied technology skills, and practicing empathy and compassion towards others. The VHS staff dedicate themselves to facilitating a rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning experience for our students. We actively partner with our families, outside experts and organizations to enrich our student's experience. Our academic program prepares students to gain entrance in competitive four-year colleges as well as various other post-secondary options. Over 70% of our students participate in the numerous clubs and activities offered during lunch and after school, as well as our successful sports program. Vashon Island High School has been recognized as a top 5% high school in Washington State in 2013 and 2014. Our new campus opened in 2014 and received state and national awards for its design and sustainability features. We are the Pirates of Vashon Island!

    Level 3 King County Green School Sticker