• I want all of our school community to know that despite any reductions, Vashon Island School District is an outstanding school district that will continue to improve and grow as we move forward to fulfill our Vashon Promise. 

    While we are always thoughtful stewards of our resources and have a strong record of clean audits for more than 8 years, we will be deeply scrutinizing all expenditures, including travel, staff openings, materials and supplies, and more for the remainder of the year in order to seek out all possible savings. Last fall, VISD underwent a budget review by WASA that identified reduction targets and strategies. The review informed a two-year solvency and sustainability plan for the Board. This plan, Link Here, was approved December 15th, 2022. This budgeting plan identified future strategies that inform reductions as well as keeping our district fiscally solvent and sustainable over the near and far term.

    The people we may lose through this reduction process are amazing, brilliant people who will continue to make great contributions as they have made here in VISD. Even without them on the VISD team, we will continue to have a fantastic group of staff here who I am proud to work with and who are wonderful role models and supports for our students. 

    We also have the most supportive community that I have seen in my experience as an educator. I look forward to continuing to expand the great collaboration we have with our staff as we work together creating solvency and sustainability in our schools. This communication is an effort towards accomplishing this goal as well as creating open and honest communication with our community who partners with us daily. Lastly, we have incredible students and as we make reductions we will do this work keeping them our top priority. 

    If you have any further questions not answered by or regarding the FAQ, please contact Superintendent Dr. Slade McSheehy at smcsheehy@vashonsd.org.