• For the past four years, following through on district priorities has been challenging and in direct conflict with how the Vashon Island School District is chronically underfunded by the state. The state’s funding system is the root cause of the financial difficulties we have faced each year since and face again next year.

    Sadly, as we begin work on the 2023-24 budget, we again project a sizable shortfall that will result in potential reductions in force and programming. When planning next year’s budget, we have to 1) live within our means, 2) fulfill our recently bargained labor agreements, and 3) right-size district programs to reflect projected enrollment. News like this will raise many questions. We have created this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to help answer those questions.

2023-24 School Year Budget Shortfall / Reduction in Force

  • What is the projected budget situation for the 2023-2024 school year?

  • Why does the district need to make these reductions?

  • Why is the Board reviewing reductions so early?

  • Are we considering other cuts, in addition to personnel?

  • Will class sizes be larger because of the reductions?

  • How is the district office and administration impacted by reductions and should we be cutting more administration?

  • How will these reductions impact our ability to implement the new VISD Strategic Plan?

  • Will there be opportunities for staff and community to learn more about the district’s budget and provide feedback?