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    cells to systems  
    Week 19:  We made it!
    Learning Targets:
    • Review the major structures and functions of the Skeletal and Muscular Systems
    • Identify the relationship between smell and taste


    Monday, 6/17:  Chicken Wing Dissection Lab write-up

    Tuesday, 6/18:  Review for Skeletal and Muscular Systems test

    Wednesday, 6/19: Skeletal and Muscular System Test

    Thursday, 6/20:  Investigate: The Nose Knows

    Friday, 6/21 (early release):  Sign yearbooks
    Week 18: 10-14
    Learning Targets:
    • Differentiate between different types of joints
    • Describe how the human and avian skeleton are homologous to each other
    • Differentiate between the 3 types of muscle tissue
    • Describe the different roles that muscles play in the body
    • Describe the process of muscle contraction and relaxation


    Monday, 6/10:  Joints; Human vs Avian Skeleton

    Tuesday, 6/11:  The Muscular System

    Wednesday, 6/12:  Review Muscular System; Mini Lab:  How strong are your hand muscles?

    Thursday, 6/13: Chicken Wing Dissection Lab

    Friday, 6/14:  Chicken Wing Dissection Lab


    chicken wing


    Week 17: June 3-7
    Learning Targets:
    • Identify the 3 functions of blood
    • Identify the 4 components of blood
    • Identify some common blood disorders
    • Collect and analyze heart rate data
    • Explain the relationship between heart rate and homeostasis
    • Identify the structures that make up the skeletal system
    • Describe the 4 functions of the skeletal system
    • Differentiate between the axial and appendicular skeleton
    • Differentiate between the different part of a bone
    Monday, 6/3: Blood
    Tuesday, 6/4: Investigate:  How Fast Does Your Heart Beat?
    Wednesday, 6/5:  Review for Test on Biological Levels of Organization and the Respiratory and Circulatory Systems
    Thursday, 6/6 (Late Arrival): Biological Levels of Organization and the Respiratory and Circulatory Systems Test
    Friday, 6/7:  The Skeletal System
    Week 16: May 28-31
    Learning Targets:
    • Identify the structures of the respiratory system
    • Describe the breathing process
    • Eplain the relationship between volume and pressure as it pertains to breathing
    • Explain how having asthma affects a person's ability to breathe
    • Explain the role that the circulatory system plays in helping the body maintain homeostasis
    • Identify the structures that make up the circulatory system
    • Explain the pathway of blood through the heart
    • Differentiate between the three different types of blood vessels
    • Differentiate between the 3 types of circulation


    Monday, 5/27: No School

    Tuesday, 5/28 (Even Block):  Construct lung models; Assignment: Just Breathe; Living with Asthma

    Wednesday, 5/29 (Odd Block): same as Tuesday

    Thursday, 5/30:  The Circulatory System

    Friday, 5/31:  The Circulatory System

    the respiratory system   circulatory system
    Week 15: May 20-25
    Learning Targets:
    • Explain the relationship between polygenic traits and epistasis
    • Explain the biological levels of organization
    • Identify the 11 human body systems
    • Identify the structures of the respiratory system


    Monday, 5/20: Amoeba Sisters: Incomplete Dominance, Codominance, Polygenic Traits, and Epistasis

    Tuesday, 5/21: Gummy Bear Genetics Lab

    Wednesday, 5/22: Genetics Test

    Thursday, 5/23: Biological Levels of Organization, Intro to the 11 Body Systems

    Friday, 5/24:  Breathing and Respiration



    Week 14: May 13-17
    Learning Targets:
    • Differentiate between Incomplete Dominance and Codominance
    • Explain polygenic traits and how they lead to variety
    • Identify how mutations can affect an organism or species


    Monday, 5/13 (Odd Block): Other Patterns of InheritanceGenetics and Eye ColorPolygenic InheritanceSpongeBob Incomplete Dominance

    Tuesday, 5/14 (Even Block): Same as Monday

    Wednesday, 5/15 (Odd Block): Into the Cosmos: DNA and Evolution; Tardigrade exploration

    Thursday, 5/16 (Even Block): Same as Wednesday

    Friday, 5/17:  Incomplete Dominance Dog Lab


    Incomplete dominance

    Week 13: May 6-10
    Learning Targets:
    • Differentiate between homozygous and heterozygous genotypes
    • Correctly use a Punnett Square to determine the possible genotypes and phenotypes of offspring


    Monday, 5/6: Amoeba Sisters: Monohybrids and the Punnett Square Guinea Pigs

    Tuesday, 5/7 (Odd Block): Punnett Square Practice; Create the Kids Genetics Project

    Wednesday, 5/8 (Even Block): Same as Tuesday's block

    Thursday, 5/9 (Late Arrival): Continue with Create the Kids

    Friday, 5/10: Multiple Alleles

    Punnett Squares




    Week 12: April 29- May3
    Learning Targets:
    • Define genes, heredity and traits
    • Differentiate between dominant and recessive traits
    • Identify the role of alleles in determining an organisms genotype
    • Differentiate between a genotype and a phenotype


    Monday, 4/29: Traits & HeredityInventory of Inherited Traits ppt of trait examples, Inventory of Inherited Traits activity

    Tuesday, 4/30: Take a Class Survey :Day 1

    Wednesday, 5/1: Take a Class Survey: Day 2

    Thursday, 5/2:Amoeba Sisters Alleles & Genes

    Friday, 5/3: Genes and Alleles , Punnett Square Practice


    karyotypes    Punnett Square

    Week 11: April 22-26
    Learning Targets:
    • Describe how cells reproduce by meiosis
    • Explain homologous chromosomes
    • Differentiate between diploid and haploid chromosomes
    • Explain why meiosis is beneficial to organisms
    Monday, 4/22:(Substitute Teacher) Video: The Human Body
    Tuesday, 4/23: Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis
    Wednesday, 4/24: Amoeba Sisters: Meiosis with video recap notes and Mitosis vs Meiosis: Side by Side Comparison
    Thursday, 4/25: Review for Cell Reproduction Test
    Friday, 4/26:Take Cell Reproduction Test
    mitosis vs meiosis
    Week 10: 4/15-19
    Learning Targets:
    • Explain why cell division is so important for organisms
    • Identify and describe the phases of mitosis
    • Create an accurate flip book model of the phases of mitosis


    Monday, 4/15: Amoeba Sisters Mitosis: The Amazing Cell Process that Uses Division to MultiplyVideo Recap Notes + Data Table

    Tuesday, 4/16Cell Growth & ReproductionMitosis Flip Book

    Wednesday, 4/17: Work on Mitosis Flip Book 

    Thursday, 4/18: Complete & turn in Mitosis Flip Book

    Friday, 4/19Reproduction and Meiosis



    Week 9: 4/1-5
    Learning Targets:
    • Differentiate between cellular respiration and fermentation
    • Explain the role the sun plays in supplying living things with energy
    • Compare and contrast photosynthesis and cellular respiration
    • Differentiate between reactants and products
    • Identify the 3 phases of the Cell Cycle


    Monday, 4/1: read Cells and Energy complete note-taking guide

    Tuesday, 4/2photosynthesis  cellular respiration

    Wednesday, 4/3: Review for Cell Structure & Function Test

    Thursday, 4/4:  Take Cell Structure & Function Test

    Friday, 4/5:  Cellular Reproduction Pre-Test (not graded)  Cell Cycle

    cellular respiration
    Week 8: 3/25-28
    Learning Targets:
    • Explain permeability
    • Record accurate data and make thoughtful observations
    • Describe how substances move in and out of cells
    • Write a quality CER (Claim Evidence Reasoning)


    Monday, 3/25: Permeability Begin The Naked Egg Investigation

    Tuesday, 3/26: Moving Cellular Material

    Wednesday, 3/27: Amoeba Sisters Cell Transport   Structure & Function of the Cell Membrane Other Types of Transport

    Thursday, 3/28: Self-Assessment Practice Quiz

    Friday, 3/29: Naked Egg Investigation CER

    active transport
    Week 7: 3/18-22
    Learning Targets:
    • Define homeostasis and explain how the cell membrane plays a role in a cell maintaining it
    • Define and differentiate between osmosis and diffusion
    • Differentiate between hypertonic, hypotonic, and isotonic solutions


    Monday, 3/18:  Wrap up Observing Cells Lab

    Tuesday, 3/19:  Amoeba Sisters Homeostasis video recap notes and Osmosis video recap notes

    Wednesday, 3/20: Gummy Bear Investigation
    Thursday, 3/21: No School/Student Led Conferences
    Friday, 3/22: No School/Student Led Conferences
    Week 6: 3/11-15
    Learning Targets:
    • Safely and appropriately use a compound light microscope
    • Differentiate between quantitative and qualitative data
    • Make quality observational drawings
    • Make thoughtful lab reflections


    Monday, 3/11: Microscope Use Orientation, Skills Practice

    Tuesday, 3/12 :Lab- Observing Cells Part 1: Animal Cells  Observing Cells

    Wednesday, 3/13: Lab- Observing Cells Part 2: Plant Cells

    Thursday, 3/14 (late arrival): Continue working on lab

    Friday, 3:15: Coplete Lab Write-Up; Present Cell Analogies

    Week 5: 3/4-3/8
    Learning Targets:
    • Identify the major cell organelles and describe their function


    Monday, 3/4: Cell Structure & Function Activity: How Can I Remember?

    Tuesday, 3/5: Egg labAre Eggs Cells? Lab: Why Do Eggs Have Shells?

    Wednesday, 3/6: Cell City

    Thursday, 3/7:  Review for Cell Structure and Function  Quiz

    Friday, 3/8: Cell Structure and Function Quiz



    Week 4: 2/25-3/1
    Learning Targets:
    • Identify the major cell organelles and describe their function


    Monday, 2/25:The CellThe Cell outline

    Tuesday, 2/26:Introduce The Cell Model

    Wednesday, 2/27: Work on Cell Model Project

    Thursday, 2/28 (Late Arrival) :Work on Cell Model Project

    Friday, 3/1: Work on Cell Model Project

    cell model
    Mid-Winter Break: 2/18-22
    Week 3: February 11-15
    Learning Targets:
    • Demonstrate what I have learned this semester

    Monday, 2/11: Snow Day

    Tuesday, 2/12: Snow Day

    Wednesday, 2/13: Snow Day
    Thursday, 2/14 (late arrival): Take Quiz #1: Cells and Life
    Friday, 2/15: Bill Nye Cells
    Week 2: February 4-8
    Learning Targets:
    • Identify and describe the 4 biomolecules


    Monday, 2/4: Snow Day

    Tuesday, 2/5: Snow Day

    Wednesday, 2/6 (late arrival): Review science concepts
    Thursday, 2/7 (late arrival): Amoeba Sisters Biomolecules video recap notes
    Friday, 2/8 (early release): Properties of Water
    Week 1: January 29-February 1
    Our first unit of study will be on cells. 
    Learning Targets:
    • Identify the 3 parts of the cell theory
    • Identify the characteristics of living things
    • Identify the structures that cells have in common
    • differentiate between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
    • Explain how scientist's understanding of cells developed
    • Identify the basic substances that make up a cell
    Monday, 1/28: No School  
    Tuesday, 1/29:  Introuction to Anatomy & Physiology; take Cells Pre-Test
    Wednesday1/30: What are Cells? Cell Similarities 
    Thursday, 1/31: Ch.2 L1: Cells and Life  note-taking guide
    Friday, 2/1: complete and assess Cells and Life; Amoeba Sisters: Intro to Cells 
     intro to cells