• Welcome to Anatomy & Physiology

    Week 4:  February 24-28
    Learning Targets:
    • Effectively and appropriately use a compound light microscope
    • Observe cells and tissues
    • Make quality biological drawings


    Monday, 2/24:  Microscope Orientation and Skills Practice

    Tuesday, 2/25:  Introduction to Biological Drawings and Skills Practice

    Wednesday, 2/26:  Observing Cells Part 1:  Animal Cells

    Thursday, 2/27:  Observing Cells Part 2:  Plant Cells

    Friday, 2/28:  Finish Observing Cells and complete lab write up



    Mid-Winter Break:  February 17-21
    Week 3:  February 10-14
    Learning Targets:


    • Participate in a lab setting safely and appropriately
    • Explain how an egg can be used as an analogy for a cell


    Monday, 2/10: Work on Cell Models

    Tuesday, 2/11:  Work on Cell Models

    Wednesday, 2/12:  Lab- Why do eggs have shells?  Discussion- Are eggs cells?

    Thursday, 2/13:  Activity- Do I know my cell organelles?

    Friday, 2/14:  Video- The Human Body


    oh no     egg

    Week 2:  February 3-7

    Learning Targets:

    • Name the 4 biomolecules and identify their nucleotides
    • Identify the major cell organelles and explain their functions
    • Create a model to illustrate the structures inside of a cell


    Monday, 2/3:  Amoeba Sisters- Biomolecules, study for Cells & Life Quiz

    Tuesday, 2/4:  Cells & Life Quiz

    Wednesday, 2/5:  Cell Structure & Function, Begin Cell Models  (Due Wednesday, 2/12)

    Thursday, 2/6:  Work on Cell Models

    Friday, 2/7:  Work on Cell Models



    Week 1: January 27-31
    Learning Targets:
    • Identify the 3 parts of the cell theory
    • Identify the characteristics of living things
    • Identify the structures that cells have in common
    • differentiate between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
    • Explain how scientist's understanding of cells developed
    • Identify the basic substances that make up a cell
    Monday, 1/27: No School  
    Tuesday, 1/28:  Introuction to Anatomy & Physiology; take Cells Pre-Test
    Wednesday1/29: :Ch.2 L1: Cells and Life  note-taking guide 
    Thursday, 1/30 (late arrival): complete and assess Cells and Life
                water molecule