Board of Directors

  • Position #1 Term: 11/19-11/23
    Bob Hennessey

    Position #2 Term: 11/17-11/21
    Rheagan Sparks

    Position #3 Term: 11/19 - 11/23
    Zabette Macomber - Board Chair

    Position #4 Term: 11/17-11/21
    Spring Hecht

    Toby Holmes - Board Vice Chair

District Administration

  • Superintendent of Schools
    Dr. Slade McSheehy
    Executive Director of Business & Operations
    Matt Sullivan
    Director of Human Resources
    Amy Sassara
    Director of Student Services
    Kathryn Coleman
    Director of Teaching & Learning
    Dr. Stephanie Spencer
    Director of Facilities
    Kevin Dickerson 
    Chief Technology Officer
    John Stanton
    Food Service Director
    Lisa Cyra
    Finance Director
    Kay Adams
    Facilities Manager
    Mark Frey
    Payroll & Benefits Manager
    Tiffany Rice

Building Administration

  • Principal - Chautauqua Elementary
    Rebecca Goertzel
    Assistant Principal - Chautauqua Elementary
    Jon Hodgson
    Principal - McMurray Middle School
    Greg Allison
    Principal - Vashon Island High School and Alternative Learning
    Danny Rock
    Assistant Principal and CTE Director
    John Erickson
    Director - FamilyLink Alternative Learning and StudentLink Alternative High School
    Dr. Thomas Elliott