Welcome to Teaching & Learning!

  • Our educational community strives to ensure that:
    • Every student is welcomed, known and treasured;
    • Every student graduates confident and competent to thrive in a future they imagine.

    To this end, we have established the following goals:

    1. Every student will develop curiosity, social-emotional skills, the ability to think and reason, and a joy of learning. (Strong Roots)
    2. Every student will feel safe, supported, and engaged as learners; empowered to use their voice to advocate for equitable treatment and social justice; and grow as informed global citizens. (Thriving Students)
    3. Every student will own their learning, display creativity and confidence in problem-solving, and demonstrate competence in the core learning standards. (Critical Thinking & Mastery Learning)
    4. Every student will successfully navigate ALL critical transitions in their schooling, and will acquire the confidence and competence for success during and after their formal schooling years. (Successful Lifelong Transitions)