• FamilyLink

    Teachers: Jim Gilmour, Richenda Hawkins and Nan Hammett

    FamilyLink is a choice program for students, mostly K-8, whose primary educator is a parent. Teacher, student and parent meet monthly to celebrate and support the learning that’s been happening and make a plan for the coming month.

    Families and teachers work together to choose curriculum from our library, which continues to grow and evolve as new curricula emerges and as our teachers embrace recommendations from families. We provide workbooks, art supplies and other learning materials. We provide some online learning experiences through the district student portal. Families stay in contact with their teacher week to week. The teacher helps the family celebrate and assess the learning, helps track the progress of student skills, and supports the parents in whatever challenges they may find as they guide learning day-to-day.

    Though most of our students’ learning happens at home, FamilyLink offers multi-age workshops to provide some on-site group learning. We ordinarily host pool parties and fieldtrips throughout the year to help foster connection among island families involved in alternative education. (Let’s see what the year holds.)

    FamilyLink is here for you if your child or children are better served by individualized learning that happens mostly at home--with the parent as primary educator, backed by the expertise of a certificated teacher.

    For more information about the program, please reach out to our director, Dr. Thomas Elliott at telliott@vashonsd.org and (206)463-8687.