• VISD Alternative Learning

    Links Alternative Learning serves approximately 150 students in grades K-12. Our community consists of a wide variety of students who learn better outside the traditional classroom setting. We help guide and facilitate individualized learning with the expectation of each student engaging about 28 hours per week. We provide curriculum, and we host a wide range of community learning experiences. Our students and families meet one-on-one with their teachers and do most of their learning independently. We have two programs, one designed for K-8 and one for 9th-12th grades.

    At Links we begin each student’s course planning with the question, “What inspires you?” We encourage students to discover and explore the things that light them up. As an individualized program, we can do that. Our tutors and workshop teachers validate student interests and help students effectively pursue what they care about. The teachers and tutors model lifelong learning and help each student connect to their own best interests and preparation for a future that is likely to bring them happiness.