Volunteer Information

  • We love our community and parent volunteers!

    We appreciate your interest in volunteering in our schools.  As you will see, we have a wide variety of programs and activities in which you can participate based on your interests and particular skills...there is no skill we will not welcome and no amount of your time, great or small, that we will not treasure.

    If you don't see a particular specialty you wish to share listed, please list it!  Whether you wish to work directly with students, or more behind the scenes, there is an unending list of projects and tasks, large and small...if you have the time and interest, we can happily put you to work where you can really make a difference!

    Before you can volunteer...

    We are required by State law to have you complete a number of forms.

    Volunteer - Chaperones, office helpers, teacher helpers, etc.

    The following forms must be on file in the office prior to any Volunteer activity on school property or with students:
    1. Criminal History report/Washington State Patrol (WSP) (yearly)
    2. Volunteer Information form.
    3. Disclosure statement (yearly)
    4. Hold Harmless Form

    Volunteer Drivers (parent or community volunteer driving their personal vehicle transporting students)

    1. Criminal History Report/WSP (yearly)
    2. 5-Year Abstract (yearly)- must be completed on-line.Disclosure Statement (yearly)
    3. Confidentiality and Ethics form (yearly)
    4. Volunteer Information form (yearly)
    5. Proof of Insurance/Hold Harmless (yearly)
    6. Valid Driver’s License (yearly) – Minimum Age 25 with valid WA State License 1 year (CDL) or three-year (passenger)

    If your volunteering will not involve driving students, you do not need to fill out the "Driver's Disclosure".  Once you have completed the applicable forms, drop off at the school of your choice or our District Office on the upper floor of Chautauqua, and you can expect a call soon from one of our Volunteer Coordinators.

    If you have any questions, please ask!  School main office lines are as follow:
    Vashon High School:  463-9171
    McMurray Middle School:  463-9168
    Chautauqua Elementary School:  463-2882
    Thank you again for volunteering your time and talents to Vashon Island School District!