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Distance Learning 20-21

  • Chautauqua Elementary Distance Learning



    The goal of the Chautauqua Elementary Distance Learning Plan is to keep your children engaged so they can learn and grow, while also affording them with meaningful opportunities for connection and community. We will provide opportunities for them to read, write, share ideas, explore, create, play, and move. Perhaps most importantly, we will continue to provide them a sense of community and normalcy with a structured school day that continues the planned learning program.

    Due to the developmental stages of our youngest learners, parents will need to assist your child with distance learning. For example, you will need to help them with logging into the device and various applications, in addition to walking through directions when needed.

    For kindergarten students, teachers will provide activities to allow them the opportunity to continue cognitive, physical, and social-emotional skill-building as well as offer brief live and small group lessons. Learning engagements will include playful, inquiry-based explorations. 

    For students in grades K through 5, there will be a mix of daily and weekly assignments. All children should read (or be read to) daily. 


      SCHEDULE (K – Grade 5)

    At 9 a.m. on school days each classroom will meet virtually for morning meetings and a beginning lesson. These morning meetings will take place via Google Meet. There will be a link to the online lessons in their classroom Seesaw app. Each class will be recorded so they can be viewed later.

    Teachers will provide a daily to-do list describing learning goals and activities for the day. Classroom teachers will formulate core lessons around reading, writing, and math as well as science, social emotional learning and social studies themes. Specialist teachers will provide student support in the mornings and live lessons in the afternoon. Assignments will have a balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks that help connect students to what they have learned and the current curriculum. Students will be able to see the assignments on their to-do list and complete activities in Seesaw. Teachers will present a whole group lesson and be available for support and small group learning. 

    Within our core learning lessons and in our afternoon independent work block, small group services will be provided for students qualifying for Specially Designed Instruction and those needing additional academic or social emotional support. 

    If a family prefers to complete more of the work off-line, with less teacher support, they can coordinate with their teacher to continue daily engagement, learning, and work completion.

    As students complete their school work, be mindful of taking brain breaks, which ideally includes physical activity and/or exercise. Teachers will be available for office hours at 3 p.m. to check in at the end of the day, review assignments, provide assistance and build community.



Meet The Teachers

  • Meet the Teachers for the 2020-2021 School Year!

    We have asked our teacher teams to provide short introductory videos for you to view with your student. This introduces you to grade level teachers for next year.
    Click on the grade level (or Specialists) to view a short video introducing the teachers!



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