Information for visitors to VISD

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    How to get tech assistance with your visit

    If you have tech needs during your visit, you can request tech assistance as needed by filling out this form. If you are working with a staff member, it might be easier to ask that staff member to coordinate with the tech department.

    Wi-Fi access

    We maintain a Wi-Fi network, VCLOUD_GUEST, for visitors. No password is required. We do filter content. Do not misuse the network. We can see traffic per device, so use good common sense about what you do with the internet. Please do not ask for access to other networks.
    Never plug your computer into an ethernet port in our school. You will have some very concerned tech people talking to you about it if you do!

    Connecting to a projector 

    If you are doing a presentation in either conference room at Chautauqua, you will find a few different connectors that will probably work to connect your computer to the projector. Then turn on the projector and use the "source search" button on the remote to establish the connection.
    In most classrooms, the connection to the projector is either through an HDMI cable or a VGA cable and audio cable:
    HDMI  VGA + audio

     Fill out the VISD Visitor Technology Support form


    If you and the teacher you are working with are feeling adventurous, you can detach these cables from the teacher's workstation and attach them to your own. Just be sure you can return them as they were. Or ask for help.