• Support staff collaborates closely with classroom teachers in the exchange of resources and ideas. The services provided by support staff include:

    The Learning Support Team

    The Learning Support Team provides assistance in areas of reading, math, writing, study and critical thinking skills, and social/emotional supports both in the classroom and in the Learning Resource Center. Students who qualify for special education are served by the Learning Support Team. Both State and Federal funding support this program.

    District-wide Related Specialists

    We provide Special Education services to students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Communication, Occupational and Physical Therapies are featured in the program. In addition, we have two school nurses available for consultation, testing and program development.

    CARES Team is a team of school staff members who work to ensure that each student is growing, learning, and having a successful school experience. Students may be referred by any parent, teacher, or adult at school who has concerns about a child’s growth, behavior and learning. The CARES Team will develop an academic or behavioral plan to help the student succeed.

    The Evaluation Team is led by the school psychologist, and meets to discuss students who may qualify for special services. These students can be referred by the CARES Team, or by their teacher or parent. This team also follows the progress of students who have Individualized Education Plans.

    Title I

    Title I program provides assistance to students who qualify in grades K to 5. Qualification is based on several factors including a universal screener, teacher input, previous assessments and previous participation. See section on RTI for more information. Title I is a funded through a Federal grant. Parental involvement is an essential element to the program. There is a Fall Informational Meeting and at any time during the year parent communication is encouraged regarding your students progress and/or program offerings. An opportunity for program review will occur annually at a Title I presentation for parents. Families are encouraged to participate in this review process.

    Response to Intervention (RTI)

    Response to Intervention (RTI) is a school-wide intervention and progress monitoring process. Assessment data is collected throughout the year and reviewed to determine appropriate educational interventions. A brief assessment is conducted three times a year for every student. A team approach is used to identify the students’ needs and available resources to meet those needs.


    Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

    Learning Assistance Program (LAP) provides academic assistance in the mathematics content area for students who qualify in grades 1 to 5. LAP is a State funded grant.

    The Accelerated Learning Program

    The Accelerated Learning Program - Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, the Vashon Island School District will provide a continuum of services for students identified as most highly capable in grades K-12.

    For grades K through 4, highly capable students will be identified in a process using a teacher- administered screener. No parent/guardian nomination is required for grades K-4. In 5th -12th grades students are screened using state assessment results. Anyone can nominate a student using the nomination form on the district website, or found in school offices.


    The district conducts free testing for all children, birth to age 21, who may need special help in the areas of hearing, vision, language, or general development. To learn more about Childfind, contact Tory Gateman in our District Office 463-2121 ext. 8528.

    Child Welfare

    Law requires all school personnel to contact Child Protective Services (CPS) or the Department of Social and Health Services in situations involving child welfare, suspected abuse and/or neglect. CPS reports are confidential.