• McMurray Middle School Staff Directory


    Greg Allison - Principal
    9329 Cemetery Rd SW
    Vashon, WA 98070
    Office: 206-463-9168
    Fax: 206-463-9707

    School main phone number: 206-463-9168

Last Name First Name Department Position Location Phone Number Email
Albright Carol Facilites Custodian Rm 109 463-8592 calbright@vashonsd.org
Allison Greg Administration Principal Rm 166 463-8593 gallison@vashonsd.org
Avolio-Toly Siobhan 6th grade Humanities/7th grade Humanities Teacher Rm 122 463-8617 savolio-toly@vashonsd.org
Baker Dan 6th grade Band/Symphonic Band/Leadership Teacher Rm 115 463-8621 dbaker@vashonsd.org
Beba Mary Special Education Paraprofessional Room 122 463-8625 mbeba@vashonsd.org
Blankenship Becky 7th grade Humanities Teacher Rm 137 463-8608 rblankenship@vashonsd.org
Butler Yvette Counseling Counselor Portable Classroom 463-8576 ybutler@vashonsd.org
Daniels Frank 6th grade Math Teacher Rm 144 463-8570 fdaniels@vashonsd.org
Day Sarah District Nurse Rm 155 463-8600 sday@vashonsd.org
Detwiler Stephanie 8th grade Humanities/Drama/French Teacher Rm 135 463-8601 sdetwiler@vashonsd.org
Dubois Larry 6th grade Humanities/Outdoor Survival/Mountain Biking Teacher Rm 145 463-8602 ldubois@vashonsd.org
Filanoski Sara 6th grade Humanities/AVID Teacher Rm 152 463-8605 sfilanoski@vashonsd.org
Galen Marcus 8th grade Humanities/Outdoor Survival Teacher Rm 153 463-8627 mgalen@vashonsd.org
Gateman Cortney Healthy Living Teacher Gym 463-8609 cegateman@vashonsd.org
Granum Jennifer 8th grade Pre-Algebra/Algebra Teacher 148 463-8604 jgranum@vashonsd.org
Gregorich Patty 7th grade Humanities/Drama/Creative Writing Teacher 136 463-8630 pgregorich@vashonsd.org
Hatfield Carrie 7th grade Healthy Living;7th grade Anatomy & Physiology Teacher 463-8606 chatfield@vashonsd.org
Heffernan Lea 7th grade Science/STEM/Outdoor Survival Teacher Rm 114 463-8611 lheffernan@vashonsd.org
Holmes Amy Science 206-463-8611 aholmes@vashonsd.org
Jaffe Julie Library Librarian Rm 139 463-8610 jjaffe@vashonsd.org
James Andy Computer Science Teacher Rm 151 463-8696 ajames@vashonsd.org
Jensen Barbara Office Registrar Office 463-8715 bjensen@vashonsd.org
Justin Evan 8th grade Science/Physical Science Teacher Rm 104 463-8613 ejustin@vashonsd.org
Kammert Jan 8th grade Humanities/Study Skills Teacher Rm 133 463-8614 jkammert@vashonsd.org
Kitchen Rm 267 463-8615
Koebelin Chris locker room supervision, LRC 206-463-8625 ckoebelin@vashonsd.org
Lewandowski Katie Art Teacher Art Room 463-8673 klewandowski@vashonsd.org
Lopez Cornelius 7th grade Math Teacher Rm 134 463-8618 clopez@vashonsd.org
Mach Tracie Guidance Student and Family Support Specialist Counseling Center 463-8717 tmach@vashonsd.org
Martin Jennifer 7th Humanities Teacher Rm 147 463-8641 jmartin@vashonsd.org
McCulloch Juanita (Winnie) Administration Assistant Principal Office 206-463-8582 wmculloch@vashonsd.org
Power Carrie 6th and 7th grade Computer Applications/Video Production Teacher Rm 151 463-8620 cpower@vashonsd.org
Roselle Gay 6th grade Science Teacher Rm 114 463-8622 groselle@vashonsd.org
Sears Andy Athletic Director & Sports Conditioning Athletic Director and Teacher Gym 463-8657 asears@vashonsd.org
Serebryakov Leslie Special Education 206-463-8632 lserebryakova@vashonsd.org
Smith Kathy Special Education Paraprofessional Rm 122 ksmith@vashonsd.org
Staff Room Rm 126 463-8626
Sweeney Colleen Humanities 6 grade Humanities Rm 146 463-8542 csweeney@vashonsd.org
Vickers Terri Office Office Manager McMurray Middle School 206-463-8699 tvickers@vashonsd.org
Wheeler Laura LRC 463-8625 lwheeler@vashonsd.org