Volunteer Form

  • Parents are encouraged to volunteer in their child's class.  Children love to see their parents at school and it sends a message that school is important and valued in your family Your help is one of the main reasons why Chautauqua Elementary School is a great school!!
    Any adult who is not a Vashon School District employee and has contact with students is considered a volunteer.  Do not sign in as a visitor if you are working in the classroom or with students.  Please complete the volunteer paperwork and sign in as a volunteer.
    Volunteers are expected to be attending to the needs of the students in the classroom, without distraction nor serving the dual role of parent and classroom volunteer.  All volunteers serve at the discretion and direction of the teacher.  Please check with the teacher regarding what services are needed and the best times to offer your services
    All volunteers are required to submit a Washington State Patrol background check form, a copy of their driver's license, and a Vashon Island School District Confidentiality Agreement BEFORE working with students.
    This form can be completed ONLINE and will require you to upload a photo of your driver's license (have that handy in advance).   The background check is valid for two (2) school years from submission (current and next). 

    Volunteer Background Form