Welcome the 7th Grade Humanities!

  • Kul Sharif Mosque and Kremlin, Tatarstan
    Becky Blankenship
    Room 137 McMurray Middle School
    Phone: (206) 463-8608 (direct line to my classroom and voicemail) - I do not have access to the number right now.  Please use email or call the MCM office.
    Email: rblankenship@vashonsd.org 
    I teach 7th grade Humanities.  I also teach Foods 101 during first semester and Women's Studies during second semester. 
    Helpful things to know:
     I put everything students' need for class in Google Classroom.  
    Syllabus, Course Policies and Expectations:  Can be found here.
    Grades Updated in Skyward: as often as I am able to
    Best way for students to contact me: email on speak with me before or after class or after school
    Best way for parents to contact me: email 
    I am available to work with students: after school when prearranged 
    I check email: before and after school
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