Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Jen Lindsay

I began my career in education teaching children and adults in the forests, farms, and tidepools in California, Colorado and Maine.  These experiences continue to inspire me to make school learning as active, hands-on, place and project based as I can. 

I taught in culturally diverse and project based schools in Seattle and San Francisco for over a decade prior to earning a PhD at UW.  My questions and interests around creating more socially justice and democratic classrooms took me out elementary school and I loved being a full time student again, then teaching and coaching new teachers.  I also directed two teacher education programs and taught courses in multicultural education and the politics of schooling at UW, Humboldt State, UW and Brown University in Rhode Island. All that work— in and around schools— while raising my young son sent me back to teaching children, which brings me joy every day! When moved to Vashon Island and my son in 3rd grade, I felt drawn to teach on the island where I live. I feel honored to be teaching in the place where I parent and am in community.

My commitment as a teacher is to create opportunities for kids to develop their whole complex selves by learning with classmates and in connection to making the world a better place. My goal is for our learning community to grow into a place of belonging and intellectual risk taking, where students learn to question, bring ideas, stories, identities, and perspectives. Over the course of 5th grade, students put their voice and wonderings, their passion, humor, and empathy, and sense of social justice to good use. They begin to take more responsibility for who they are in a community and who they are growing into as thinkers and actors in the world. I see my work as supporting 5th graders to head into middle school with trust and confidence in themselves and their community, having developed ownership over their learning and a strong sense belonging, purpose and kindness.

When I am not at school, I love to...  

~ be outside as much as I possibly can: in the woods by the fire or on a trail, on the water, or in my garden.

~ play cards, a board game, or curl up with a good book with dog, cat or family (or all 5)!

~ travel and learn about other ways of living and being in the world.