• Looking for Host Families for Spanish speaking teaching interns at Chautauqua

    We have a program at Chautauqua where we have interns from Spanish-speaking countries, and are looking for host families for the fall for when they arrive from August 25-January 3 or all year August 25-June 25. This can be a great opportunity for your family to learn more both about the culture and language. It has been so wonderful for the school, the interns and the host families that we are expanding the program this fall to 5 interns! You don’t need to speak Spanish to host.

    We provide the interns with the opportunity to gain teaching skills under the direct supervision of a certified teacher in an American classroom, a small stipend, an Orca card, lunch each day, and a family to live with...and that is where you come in!

    Host Families provide:

    • A private bedroom
    • Three meals a day (the district provides lunch on school days)
    • Occasional transportation
    • Interns will actively participate in family life and household chores. Like any family member, interns are expected to help out around the house. However, Interns are not live-in babysitters and should not be expected to perform the duties appropriate for an au pair, such as child care, house sitting or housework beyond that of other family members.
    • Interns are responsible for all additional living expenses.
    • No Spanish language knowledge is expected or required of the host family

    Our 3 interns are adults in their twenties, and would be a wonderful addition to your family!

    Some of the benefits to hosting an intern include:
    • friendship, understanding, knowledge and a connection to the world
    • new tastes and customs
    • learn about different parts of the world
    • practice in Spanish for the whole family
    • ongoing exchange of friendship and hospitality
    • a foreign pen pal for your child once the intern returns
    • new interests in travel and international issues
    • a new perspective of Americans and American culture as seen through the intern’s eyes

    You can find more information on Amity’s website: http://www.amity.org/category/host-family-overview/

    If you are interested in hosting please email Rebecca Goertzel, rgoertzel@vashonsd.org
    We want to be sure to have arrangements for them for when they arrive in the fall. Thank you!

    With gratitude,

    Rebecca Goertzel, principal
    Margie Butcher, 3rd grade
    Sarah Hamill, 2nd grade
    Holly Boyajian, 1st grade