• Resolving Concerns Through a Commitment to Respectful

    As faculty, staff, students, and parents we commit to the following attributes of respectful engagement as we resolve our concerns:

    • We share a common interest in the engagement and thriving of all members of our learning community.
    • We desire to know and communicate concerns immediately so that issues do not build over time.
    • We commit to “going to the source” by approaching people directly regarding our concern to resolve it most quickly and effectively.
    • We act with integrity and treat each other with respect.
    • We approach problem resolution in cooperation with one another and with a team mindset.
    • We endeavor to resolve concerns in an open, effective, and timely way.
    • We avoid attempting conflict resolution through email and prefer to problem solve by telephone or in person during a mutually arranged meeting.

    Process For Resolution of Problems and Concerns:

    1. Be clear, calm, and fact based in communicating your concern/complaint. Be open to receiving new information regarding your concern.
    2. Approach the person directly and respectfully with whom you have the concern
    • Seek the help of the supervisor (i.e. Principal, Athletic Director) to facilitate a face to face meeting if necessary.
    •  Remember, face to face is the preferred method.
    3. If the problem persists despite attempts at resolution then contact a supervisor directly to share your concern.
    4. On the rare circumstance when problems cannot be resolved at the school level then please contact the Superintendent’s Office.
    5. Safety, illegal activities or health concerns should be shared directly with a supervisor immediately.