Welcome to the CES Library!

When is the library open?

  • When is the library open?

    Student can visit the library during their regularly scheduled class times (see below), or whenever their classroom teacher allows. We are closed at from noon-12:50 every day.

    What do students learn in library classes?

    Plenty! Please look at the CES Library Scope and Sequence.

    What is in the library catalog?

    Search the new CES Library Catalog

    What resources can students access?

    Take a look at the KCLS resources for elementary students. Students will need to use the account information we provide for them.

    Also check out our Resources for Families to Support Reading

    How many books may students check out?

    Kindergarten: one book, remaining in the classroom

    First Grade: one book

    Second and Third Grades: two books

    Fourth and Fifth Grades: four books

    Please return or renew books after one week.

    Can I donate books to the library?

    Donations are always welcome! Write to Kathleen Lawrence if you have something you want to donate.

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