• The main office phone number is 463-2882. When sending emails regarding Attendance, use the email listed below that is designated specifically for Absence Notifications.  Be sure to look for a response from the office staff - if you do not receive a response, please call the office as your email may not have been received.
    CES Main Office Staff 
    Kelly Murphy, School Secretary/Registrar
    Attendance/Pre-Arranged Absences
    Non-Resident Applications
    Gillian Callison, Office Manager
    Building & Staff Support
    Attendance Notifications
    Or call 206-463-2882 press 1 and leave a message including student full name, date of absence and reason for absence
    After School Plans
    Enter changes in School Dismissal Manager or download and use the app (Apple or Android)
    **Important note:  After school plans will HAVE to be submitted by 2:30pm