What Does It Mean To Be Enrolled In StudentLink?

    Students meet weekly with their teacher to develop and carry out their own individualized learning plans. When designing each student’s learning plan, we seek to integrate the student’s passions, interests and learning styles along with the credits and essential learnings that the student needs to earn for graduation. In this process, the students are the ones primarily responsible for initiating, designing and implementing the courses in their learning plans. Many courses that the students design are interdisciplinary and/or community-based. In our program, the teacher is a learning coach, advocate, resource and ally in the student’s learning journey. The students take responsibility for their minds and their time.

    How Do I Earn Credit?

    Students (with help from their StudentLink teacher) develop written student learning plans (WSLPs) that meet expectations for high school level work and state standards in applicable subject areas. Each week, students carry out agreed-upon tasks for the courses in their learning plans. Once a course is complete, credit is awarded. The teacher and student together evaluate their work and course completion as a whole. StudentLink does not issue grades; all credits receive a pass once the course is completed and the agreed-upon criteria for success are met. Students and parents receive regular evaluation reports.

    What Is The Relationship Between Studentlink And VHS?

    Students may take one class per semester at VHS. The StudentLink teacher acts as academic counselor for those students enrolled part-time at VHS, advising them on selecting classes that meet their graduation plans and interests. Classes may be elective or academic, as long there is space available. StudentLink students may be at VHS for break, lunch or to visit the library. They may also participate in assemblies and similar activities at VHS. Students may attend Running Start through StudentLink. Credits earned at VHS or Running Start count toward a StudentLink diploma.


    How Do I Earn A Diploma?

    In order to receive a StudentLink diploma, a student must earn a minimum of 21.5 credits (Classes of 2015-2018; 24 Class of 2019). Academic course/credit requirements are similar to VHS; StudentLink requires one fewer elective credit to graduate. Students planning to attend college are encouraged to take more credits, as required by the college(s) of their choice. A StudentLink diploma is not the same as a Washington State diploma; it is a Vashon Island School District-issued diploma. StudentLink seniors participate in most VHS graduation activities, including scholarship notebooks, senior breakfast, graduation rehearsal and ceremony. StudentLink also holds its’ own graduation celebration.

    How Do I Know If StudentLink Will Be A Good “Fit” For Me?

    Student Link works best for students who are: • Willing to be creative (it’s not worksheets). • Willing and able to manage their time and work independently. • Well organized or willing to learn to be better organized. • Open to coaching from the teacher, tutors or community mentors, and willing to share accomplishments and learning with others. • Willing to talk with their parents about what they are doing and sometimes to involve them in their work.