• About Us

    FamilyLink is a “Parent Partner Program” of the Vashon Island School District serving students in grades K-12. Parents are the primary educators of their children. FamilyLink certificated teachers work with parents to create individual learning plans for their students, develop teaching strategies and learning activities, find curriculum and access other district services.


    Advantages of homeschooling through FamilyLink:

    • Personalization: Learning is tailored to the individual interests and learning style of the student. Students progress at their own pace—the gifted child can move more quickly or the late bloomer can take more time to learn at his/her own rate.
    • Flexibility: Homeschooling can be done at home, at the library, on a field trip, or while traveling across country. Older students can combine course work with experiential or community-based learning.
    • Choice: Families choose the type of curriculum that best suits their student’s style of learning, whether it is traditional textbooks or online courses.
    • Parent Participation: Parents are acknowledged as a valued and contributing partner in the education of their children.
    • Support: FamilyLink teachers support parents and students in developing learning activities, identifying curriculum, and accessing district and community resources.