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Mr. Andy James

My computing history goes back at least as far the the Timex Sinclair 2068, which had 48k of memory and saved files by screaming into a tape recorder. I've had a love/hate relationship with technology all along, sometimes picking up a programming language here and there (Python, Javascript, Go) and sometimes staying far away.

I think it's fine to keep a little distance from what you're studying. If you don't keep a little critical distance, before you know it you're talking about "incentivizing" and handing out those diagrams with three overlapping circles. On the other hand, just saying "no" to what you might learn gets you nowhere. So if you think of a subject as a building, my students and I look for the side door and explore the whole building in search of what might be wonderful inside.

I split my duties here and at Chautauqua, where I'm a tech coach to teachers. If you want to reach me, email really is the fastest way: